Heron Bay Property Bozema Lake Property Madonna Diamond Dyke Ruffle Lake Property
Eric Lake Property Goldbar Lake Property Para Lamproite Property Little Pic River Property
Jackfish Lake Property Rudy   Ruffle Lake Property  
Jackfish Lake Wayne   Killala Lake Property  
Jackfish Lake West Mike      
PIC River Property      

Note: We do have a lot of other important data in regards to diamond exploration within our other areas

Properties Under Option Agreements

Hemlo South Project White River Project Good Hope Niobium Project
Hemlo West Project Sandspit Lake Project

(Bernie Schnieders Discovery of the Year Award)

Hemlo North Project    
Black River Project    

Properties Under Option - Project Updates

Good Hope Niobium Project Plato Gold Corp.
White River - Sandpit Lake Projects Churchill Diamond Corp.
Hemlo Projects Tashota / Trojan Gold Resources


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